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Bryan is currently riding a Specialized 2018 Roubaix Expert as an all year round bike and a Venge Vias as a summer bike.  Additionally he is riding a 2018 Whyte Wessex One. 



IMG_20171211_154354.jpg        John is in sales and has good product knowledge of our bikes and equipment. He is also a Specialized BG Fit technician. He currently rides a Specialized Roubaix and a Bianchi Infinito. On the mountain bike side of things John is a great fan of his Specialized Rockhopper Comp which he currently uses for  his commute ride in. John is always more than happy to help find the right bike for you whether it be a top road bike or reliable commuter. 



IMG_20171211_152420.jpg       Joe is part of the sales team and has an especially good knowledge of e-bikes and has owned and ridden a number of both road and e-bikes.  He has owned Bianchi, Specialized and Whyte road bikes and is currnetly riding a Specialized Roubaix Expert Disc (2017) and a Whyte Wessex One (2018).  He has also been riding e-bikes for over 2 years as his main method of commuting. He has owned Gocycles, a Whyte Coniston and is currently riding a Specialized Vado 4.0. 


IMG_20171219_124551031_HDR.jpg      Ed is our resident mechanic undertaking most of our on-site servicing and enjoys nothing more than doing up classic bikes for his own pleasure and riding.  He has also recently obtained a Specilaized Roubaix Expert Disc.  A qualified mechanic he has an in depth knowledge of cycle maintenance and enjoys sharing his expertise with others.